The world’s most advanced solar powered street bench is on its way to the UK, fuelled by growth in smart city technologies.

solar powered street benchThe world’s most advanced solar powered street bench is on its way to the UK, fuelled by growth in smart city technologies.
The Croatian-designed Steora Smart Bench has been installed in 125 cities and municipalities across the globe since 2015.
High-end furniture supplier, All Urban Ltd, is now bringing Steora to the British market.

All Urban plans to build on rapidly expanding opportunities for public wi-fi hotspots, and rising demand for renewable energy in urban spaces.
“Steora comes with cable and wireless charging for all smart devices, CCTV, wi-fi and attractive ambient evening lighting,” said All Urban Ltd Managing Director, Paul Collings.

“It also has a super bright LCD display that offers outdoor advertising opportunities for organisations like Local Authorities or retailers,” he said.
“We were immediately taken by the attractive and contemporary look of the bench as well as its functionality and the fact it is powered by solar energy – and we’re delighted to introduce it to the domestic market.”

It is the sleek design of Steora that has made it a success on the smartest streets of Europe and Australia, earning young Croatian creator Ivan Mrvos a place on the Top 50 EU Start-Ups list. Mrvos’s journey has been described as *one of the best entrepreneurial real-life stories in Croatia.
In the three years since its conception, more than 450 Steora benches have been installed in 23 countries.

As well as providing a social meeting place, Steora collects data on usage, climate and environment. The CCTV options are beneficial to areas requiring increased public surveillance.

The bench provides tourists and local citizens with a social meeting place, while offering urban planners huge amounts of data to optimise public places and make them more efficient. Data collected by the bench is linked to a processing dashboard – making it the most technologically advanced bench currently on the market.

The arrival of Steora also comes as Local Authorities are invited to apply for a share of EUR 120m of EU funding to support the installation of state-of-the-art wi-fi equipment in the centres of community life.

It has an advanced web platform which Steora owners can use to track data from every bench in real time.