Life in the city is fast-paced and frantic so one could be excused from not noticing the architecture and urban furniture which makes up the environment around us. Bland and boring styles often go unnoticed under the ever busy eyes of city dwellers. However, bold and modern designs are beginning to creep into the public subconscious as more urban developers begin to really pay attention to the details when designing an urban environment for the modern market.

Well-designed street furniture can take an urban area from ordinary to the extraordinary with seemingly simple changes. Choosing furniture which compliments the design and aesthetic of the area allows a fluidity of movement and feeling throughout an area, turning it into a place where people will naturally gravitate to and want to spend more time in. people respond to the environment that they are in and by creating an attractive, well thought with urban furniture to compliment will in turn create a calming and welcoming urban area.

Practical solutions and architectural masterpieces

Any urban area needs to include certain practical necessities such as seating, lighting and waste collection points. But just because these things are practical does not mean they have to be dull or lifeless. Modern urban design should include all practicalities in order to incorporate all elements under one design concept. For example, if you are wishing to create an open feel to an urban area then you may consider seating options such as the Comunitario which offers plenty of seating area with no barriers to promote communication and sharing. Alternatively, if you are working in a more enclosed area where space is at a premium, you may opt for a range of space saving designs such as the extremely versatile Trapecio Concrete or the sleek design of the Fontana litterbin.

Even the designing of street lighting can have a huge impact on the finishing appearance of an urban area. Traditional street lights can be given a modern upgrade with options such as the 108 Streetlamp; giving a classic designs a much needed modern upgrade. Alternatively, a more avant-garde approach can give an urban area a focal point or main attraction such as the Lampelunas. Wall lamps also offer a modern, new pathway lighting option; illuminating walkways from wall recesses giving a soft yet dramatic lighting effect.

Architectural pieces can completely alter the landscape of an urban or rural area but provide essential social areas for young and older generations alike. Large structures such as the spectacular Birds Nest and the intricate Spider offer seating and social areas unlike anything seen before. Unique and exciting designs offer a meeting point for all ages to sit and enjoy the surrounding areas. Both these pieces can be designed to include a range of materials and colours and the Twisted Youth shelter can even include grass planted on the roof of the structure.

There are a plethora of urban furniture and features options to transform any area into an architectural goldmine. Thinking outside of the box and going against the grain can often result in truly breath-taking environments to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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