Backless Benches

The humble bench, whilst you may be unaware of its presence at times, plays a vital role when it comes to seating solutions in both the urban and rural landscape. From shopping malls to country parks, benches are all around us, they perform a necessary function and whilst they do need to be practical there is absolutely no need to compromise when it comes to adding that little touch of character and a twist of style to any environment.

The right bench will fit seamlessly into its surrounds whilst simultaneously creating a design statement all of its own. Whilst there is still a place for the more traditional bench in our ever-changing environment, the emphasis on contemporary designs is on the increase and the ability to improve outdoor spaces with more fluid designs has never been greater.

Contemporary Twist

When it comes to benches, the backless bench should certainly not be overlooked, its often simple and classical design offers an undeniable charm all of its own, and it is this simplicity of design that makes it the ideal choice when looking for a seating arrangement for a whole range of diverse locations. The backless bench is a seating arrangement that offers complete versatility to any locale; with a simple seat and no back there is no room for compromise, it is all about the design and style that you choose to make these elegant benches stand out.

Positioning is key when it comes to placing any items of furniture whether inside a building or outside. The backless bench is a multidirectional piece of furniture, it can be placed anywhere and the versatility afforded by the lack of back means people can choose how to use it to their best advantage. The scenery is ever changing and with a backless bench your view can change as well, no more twisting and contorting to see the best of what mother nature has to offer you.

A choice for every space

The ergonomic design of both the Arpa and Lola benches with their clean lines and minimalist design, both of which can be freestanding or embedded in the ground for extra stability, offers not only the versatility to position it to its full advantage but also to use it in combination with other urban design essentials; lighting and drinking fountains, without compromising on the overall design aesthetic.

Designs like the Patagónico by Urbidermis Santa & Cole are the perfect example of a classic backless bench that lends itself well to any environment, the sleek lines of the natural stone set of the bench in combination with the classic finish provided by the steel supports perfectly illustrate the versatility of this style of seating. Clever use of materials does not mean being limited to natural stone for those practical seating arrangements, wood, concrete and even fibre glass concrete can be used to create the perfect combination that is contemporary style with an aesthetically pleasing aspect that can fit seamlessly into any urban location.

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