At All Urban we pride ourselves on sourcing unique and contemporary designs for high end urban furniture and street lighting products. We work with carefully-chosen small, independent designers, manufacturers and craftsmen to source functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing products. Our products are used by lighting designers, landscape architects and architects in leading street design and development projects around the UK.

Cycle stand / bike rack

Our range of unique cycle stands not only fulfil their practical purpose but incorporate fun and imaginative design features into your urban environment. The All Urban range includes larger and more compact designs in many different materials and finishes. Full technical information is available on all of the products that we supply.
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Ola by LAB23



Designer: GIBILLERO Design

Ola is a laser molded zinc-plated steel product, entirely composed of several distanced rings and supported by

Pepe by LAB23



Designer: GIBILLERO Design

Pepe is a bollard of multiple possibilities, colourful and playful, or refined with exotic wood heads, or

Side by LAB23



Designer: Stéphane Chapelet

The bike rack SIDE is made in steel 50/10 thickness. It is the result of the continuous welding

Time by LAB23



Designer: Hangar Design Group

The bike rack TIME (1 bike) is made in steel 60/10 thickness. It is cone-shaped with

Wave by LAB23



Designer: Hangar Design Group

The bike rack Wave (10 bikes, alternate version) is made in steel 30/10 thickness. The spacers,

We are the exclusive UK suppliers for Santa & Cole’s cycle stands and bike racks. Situated near Barcelona Santa & Cole represent the highest standards of urban street design and have worked on many exciting developments across Europe. As befits a cutting-edge approach to design, Santa & Cole minimise the environmental impact of their products by incorporating recycled or recyclable materials into their designs. They have completely rethought the possibilities for cycle stands, incorporating shapes, forms and materials that bring style and functionality to many different types of urban space. Their range of bike racks suggest the passion that many European cities have for cycling, and includes the following designs:

  • Bicilínea: the designer, Beth Galí, added a curved support to the Bicilínea handrail to ensure that bicycles can be locked more securely both by the frame and by the wheel. This elegant bike rack was created for an innovative regeneration project in the old quarters of ’s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands). The stainless steel modular design can be joined together in rows to create a range of sizes and compositions. Its base and arms can be mounted on the road surface or embedded in soft surfaces.
  • Key: these stands have simple and friendly forms, and are manufactured in coloured, high-density polyurethane foam to create a body that is pleasant to the touch and eye. This cycle stand is designed to humanize the harshness of the city. It can be used individually or in groups and is safe and durable for continual use. The base is made from powder-painted cast aluminium and the body includes a steel inner structure. You can choose between red, anthracite grey or yellow.
  • Táctil: this is an original design by Antonio de Marco for street furniture that serves both as an urban boundary marker and a bike rack. It is made from a single piece in shotblasted Corten steel sheet, with a silhouette of a hand created by oxygen cutting. The stand is fixed to the road surface by two bolts that form part of the piece and which are placed into holes drilled in the road surface.

You can see the full technical specifications for these products, and learn about the Montana and Sammy bicycle stands from Santa & Cole, on our website.

Be inspired

Whether you are looking for a single bench or bike rack, or seek to create a unique lighting installation, our passion for urban design allows us to help you make the best possible use of the available space. We will be pleased to offer advice on the possibilities from all our suppliers – including Concrete Urban Design and Handspring Design – rather than just aiming to make a quick sale. We supply all types of urban furniture – including bollards, lamps, beacon lights, street lamps, pergolas, planters and pavements. From our office in Sheffield, we work on projects big and small, and will be pleased to supply you with all product information to help you choose. You can reach us by phone or send an email to us with your requirements.

For fun and functional cycle stands and bike racks, contact All Urban today.


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