4th June 2019

All Urban launch Handspring Design Hoops in brand new children’s garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

All Urban celebrate the launch of brand new Handspring Design Hoops which were installed in the new Children’s Garden at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. To mark All Urban’s supplier launch, All Urban invited former Mayor Khosa,of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and Mayoress Khosa to officially open the Hoops. They were also joined by local councillor Campanale and leading London based landscape architects who all came to learn about the ambitious project.

Guests took a tour of the new giant children’s garden and learned about how Kew embarked on this ambitious design project. Covering 10,000m², the garden is the size of nearly 40 tennis courts, and has been designed by Kew garden designers around the elements that plants need to grow: earth, air, sun and water.

During the tour, All Urban’s guests visited the newly installed Handspring Design ‘Tunnel, Fruit and Pergola Hoops’ which are featured in the ‘Sun’ section of the garden. Handspring Design developed the bespoke hand-made structures with Suzie Jewel, Kew Garden Designer at Kew. Inspired by the circle, they worked together to craft her vision and create the colourful and fun structures for the garden.

The Tunnel Hoop features red, orange and yellow coloured Perspex, which reflects different shades of coloured light for children to play with. Across the garden, a set of wooden Pergola Hoops have been installed to create a fun matrix for children to wind in and out of. Lastly the Fruit Hoop structure includes a circular metal frame that will eventually support growing plants to form a tunnel of foliage to explore.

Handspring Design specialise in creating bespoke projects such as this. They work alongside landscape professionals to design and develop beautiful organic forms which integrate harmoniously with outdoor landscapes. With 18 years’ experience, they have developed a specialised steam bending and laminating oak strip technique which allows them to make their signature curvy-organic forms.

Former Mayor of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames Khosa praised the Hoops, “The hoops make the perfect edition to this impressive giant Children’s Garden. Walking through the reflected colours along the Tunnel Loop is delightful. I am also looking forward to revisiting the garden once plants have grown over the Fruit Hoop to see it in full bloom.”

The giant new Children’s Garden is now open to the public where children can play and explore their way through a landscape filled with over 100 mature trees, discovering hidden treasures and adventures along the way. Paul Collings, Director of All Urban concludes,“Thank you to Mayor and Mayoress Khosa, Councillor Campanale and the landscape architects who attended our opening. We’d like tot hank everyone who has worked hard with us on bringing the hoops to life. We exclusively supply Handspring Designs shelters and invite professionals to register their interest so we can explain how the structures can be tailored to suit individual landscape designs.