4th October 2019


In September, All Urban hosted their first pop-up exhibition at the Sheffield Botanical Gardens, which included an expert lead itinerary of industry talks themed around the topic of how to create ecologically friendly landscaping schemes. Landscape architects and urban planners were invited from around the country to attend the day which also featured marketing-leading supplier talks, and a guided tour of All Urban’s world-class product exhibition curated around the gardens.

Landscaping and architectural practices aroundthe UK are declaring climate emergencies, but how can landscape architects radically adapt their plans to combat this urgent issue? All Urban invited expertsto deliver talks which helped equip professionals with the knowledge and practical steps needed on how to achieve this.

Dr.Ross Cameron, Senior Lecturer Landscape Management, Ecology & Design from the prestigious landscape architecture department at the University of Sheffield held an open discussion about what climate change looks like and offered helpful tips like using plant groups that can with stand the increased temperatures. Jeff Sorrill from Green Estates CIC presented on green roofs and gave practical tips on how to successfully introduce plants onto buildings. Lighting Consultant Brian Healy concluded with an informative presentation on how to create ecologically friendly lighting schemes, explaining the industries previous misconceptions about blue LED lighting.

All Urban’s leading suppliers were also on-hand to explain how their high-quality products are the sustainable choice for long-term, low-maintenance hardscaping in the public realm. World-renowned Santa & Cole Urbider misintroduced their new outdoor products and moveart founder Norbert announced the new SIP profiling technique used to incorporate the public space’s landscape characteristics into the form of the playsculpture design. FinBin explained how their sustainable next-generation smart bin worked and Handspring Design showcased their impressive catalogue of bespoke timber projects. The recently launched Christie public barbecue was used to cook lunch and dinner for the guests, who got the unique opportunity to see the super-safe electric cooktop in action!

The whole event was co-ordinated with climate in mind, with equipment hired where possible to reduce disposable waste and left over food donated to the Archer project, a local charity that helps people in Sheffield who are experiencing homelessness. The event received glowing reviews from attendees who commenting on the unique opportunity to see the public interacting with the products around the gardens.

Gerry McGee, Sales Director of All Urban concludes, “We are really pleased with the successes of our first pop-up exhibition which demonstrates that we are more than just a landscaping product supplier. We will continue to deliver projects that educate, inform and help the landscaping industry to tackle modern challenges. All the talks from the event will be made accessible via the All Urban Youtube channel and we welcome the industry to watch and share them. Lighting Consultant Brian Healy is also available to attend practices around the UK to deliver his educational 45 minute talk, and we urge practices to register their interest.”