Outdoor Furniture: Improving British beachfront locations

By Jennifer Acton                         31st March 2022

Outdoor Furniture: Improving British beachfront locations

By Jennifer Acton

31st March 2022

Seaside holidays first started in Britain during the 1700s and to this day are still popular destinations for holidays, weekend breaks and day trips. There is something about the beach and waterfront that keeps drawing us in.

Everyone associates the seaside with something different. Maybe it’s donkey rides on the beach (is that still a thing?), crazy golf, helter-skelter slides on the pier and eating rock. Or it may be sitting on the beach reading a book, running along the promenade, building sandcastles or paddleboarding, these are just a few of the reasons that draw us to the beachfront these days.

Paddleboarding has taken the world by storm recently and our coastlines are filled with them. We managed to speak to Richard, a paddleboarder from Sussex, UK and asked him what he loves about the seafront and paddleboarding.

“Spending time at the beach has become a huge part of my life and is a special place for me and my family. I’ve always loved the water and felt a special connection since I was a child. Many of my summers have been spent on the beach swimming, kayaking, wakeboarding and most recently paddle boarding. It is very calm and relaxing. Being out on the water looking back at the beach and cliffs gives you a different perspective and makes you appreciate the natural beauty we have on our doorstep”

These wonderful locations seem to create the perfect spot to spend time and meet up with others as it really does seem to have it all, no matter your age. Encouraging people to stay longer in the outdoors whether that be for relaxation or exercise is always going to be beneficial and is proven to have many health benefits such as helping with stress and mental health.

Outdoor furniture and lighting along seafronts play a huge part in allowing people to enjoy these natural beauty spots, day and night. For many, there really is no better way to enjoy the scenery than to sit down and relax. A strategically placed bench for example can provide the perfect setting for a picnic, eating fish and chips, meeting a friend or just catching a minute alone for a spot of reading or meditation (with a view!).

Compared to other countries our seafronts may not seem to have as much outdoor furniture or outdoor facilities and maybe this is historically down to the famous British weather. But with Covid-19 hitting the world on a global scale and meeting outdoors becoming the norm (summer and winter) it helped us all to view our outdoor spaces in a different way.

Excitingly some beachfront locations are now installing more than just seating. A huge regeneration project has recently happened on Bournemouth’s seafront where our outdoor BBQs have been installed. They are part of the Bournemouth council’s summer readiness plans, which aims to support visitors spending time at the seafront, which we were very proud to be a part of. They wanted to provide a safe space for people to cook and to reduce the amount of disposable BBQs being used and left behind on the beach which is an environmental danger as well as a risk to others. These new electric BBQs are completely free for everyone to use (although they will be on a first come first served basis!) This will provide a new way for friends and families to gather together at the beach and enjoy the outdoor space. Let the summer begin!

We are so passionate about the outdoors and our coastline plays such a huge part in this. We would love to be part of your seafront project or talk through any ideas you may have to make them better spaces. Please get in touch with us. Email: Info@allurban.co.uk or call us on 0114 282 1283.