25th March 2019

UK industry can help revolutionise future mobility with All Urban’s innovative smart cycling point

All Urban celebrate the launch of Monna, a new innovative smart cycling point into their designer product portfolio. They specialise in supplying UK industries with world-class innovative products and welcome this new addition which has the potential to revolutionise urban and rural mobility and transform everyday journeys.

Monna has been designed and manufactured by Croatian company Include, who have quickly built up a reputation for delivering world-class SMART technology. Following the success of their Steora SMART bench, the Monna cycling point is also suitable for both urban and rural areas and represents innovation in the Smart City market by combining urban furniture, the Internet of Things (IoT) and solar energy for a new GreenTech solution.

It features specially designed solar panels which deliver a fully sustainable power source to locations with no electricity. The solar-powered point comes with multiple functionalities –bike repairing tools which includes an air pump and is accessible using Wifi authorisation, bike racks and electrical sockets for charging electric bicycles, wireless charging pad and charging ports for wired phones, night illumination and data collection capabilities. The advanced multifunctional bench has launched in perfect timing with the UK Government’s Department of Transport releasing their new ‘Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy’ report which outlines the UK’s plans to transform its transport infrastructure.

The report explains that since the arrival of the affordable motorcar in the 1950s, public transport use witnessed a sharp decline with reduced cycling and walking. Public streets witnessed an increase in traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. However, we are now seeing the emergence of radically new technologies which will make commuting not just faster but safer, easier, comfortable and more affordable.

With climate change becoming an ever-pressing concern, there is a growing demand for cleaner, safer and more efficient transport. The Monna is a creative solution which solves modern-day transports challenges. Monna CITY is designed for the urban environments, areas such as city squares and parks can now provide the public with urgently needed repair kits or device charge in cases of emergency. Monna COUNTRY is specially engineered for rural areas, which allows charging of electric bikes in the most inaccessible locations, thus extending cycling ranges along countryside routes. Both provide innovative solutions to the UK’s cycling industry.

Paul Collings, Director of All Urban concludes, “We are delighted to add Includes Monna into our designer portfolio. Sustainability is one of All Urbans core values, therefore, supplying a product which enables UK businesses to provide services to the public which tackle climate change is something we’re extremely proud of. We invite them to contact us to find out more.”Check out the video below or you can visit All Urban’s website for more information about Monna: www.allurban.co.uk/include/