Here at All Urban we are passionate about supplying the most innovative products on the market and our commercial barbecues are perfect examples of that.

We offer barbecues which eliminate the big safety hazards of disposable BBQ culture i.e. coals and open flames in parks and public spaces, where children and adults can easily be injured.

The barbecues offer a new kind of convenience to parks and resort owners, as well as the public. People no longer need to find, buy, use, and dispose of a hazardous barbecue waste such as coals, fats, and oils. Importantly, owners no longer need to search for waste that has not been disposed of appropriately. By knowing exactly where the public will be cooking, so they can monitor use and plan their cleaning and maintenance regime accordingly.

Operating on a pre-timed cycle so that they turn off automatically after use, they can also be turned on and off by the push of a button. With many decades of product refinement and proven safety and reliability, they provide peace of mind to public space facilitators.

Importantly, Christie barbecues are an environmentally sustainable solution. They remove atmospheric pollution previously caused by fires and coals; eliminate burn patches on lawns and tables where people put their disposable barbecues; prevent people from throwing hot coals in the trash and fats and oils on the ground; and prevent the risk of fires – potentially devastating to green areas, towns, homeowners, animals, and humans.

To learn more about Christie and how the barbecues work click here.

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