Concrete Rudolph logoConcrete Rudolph UK – We are delighted to introduce German manufacturer Concrete Rudolph.

We are the exclusive UK supplier for Concrete Rudolph, the world-class concrete manufacturer. Their sophisticated manufacturing plant offers unique opportunity to bring ambitious design to life. Experts in collaboration, their team works with landscape architects, to ‘pour’ visionary ideas into sculptural urban furniture. Their high-quality collection includes urban seating,  urban planters and tables which make a statement in public space.

To learn more about Concrete Rudolph and how they design and manufacture their majestic furniture, scroll down for more information.

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Concrete Artistry

After 20 years of working intensively with fibre-glass concrete, the German manufacturer has learned how to work with this wonderful material to produce a vast variety of shapes, colours and surfaces. Fibre-glass concrete is extremely versatile and robust, allowing them to create extremely thin-wall and complex structures that by contradiction look solid and massive but also elegant and weightless.

Sculptural Form

Each piece of urban furniture is organic in shape, with bold strong lines further adding character to beautiful high-quality spaces. Majestic in size, they are statement pieces doubling up as pieces of sculptures as well as furniture. Taking on the nature of stone, their smooth surface enhances user comfort and adds a tactile dimension, inviting them to explore and enjoy its polished surface.

Impeccable quality

The impeccable quality of their products is partly due to them being constructed from the finest quality cement, fibre-glass and sand.  The high-quality material is perfect for creating the super-thin walls and Concrete Rudolph’s signature smooth fine pore texture. Once a form has been created, it rests for 20 days until they reach final stability. The surface is then sealed making it extra resilient to outdoor weathering and everyday use.

Extraordinarily weather resistant

The concrete used to make the objects is made from the highest-quality materials which when combined, create a fibre-glass matrix where an optimal frost and condensation protection is achieved. Once the object is created, a resurfacing process further weather-proofs the surface. When installed in harsh weather conditions the furniture will absorb moisture and then release it. The objects are ever-changing in different weathering environments for example, they can quickly adjust to ambient temperatures unlike conventional solid concrete, which will stay cold for a long time in hot sunshine.  Extremely robust, they will stand for years without signs of weathering.

Enduring colour

All objects are available in natural concrete grey or they can be matrix-dyed in dark grey, cream or anthracite. Alternatively, they can also be colour coated to any RAL tone which results in a smooth fine finish.


Every Concrete Rudolph object is constructed with fibre glass which enables them to manufacture thinner but stronger walls. This results in less concrete material being used to create the forms – which is better for the environment! Each object is constructed from completely natural materials and is fully recyclable.

About Concrete Rudolph

All Urban first launched Concrete Rudolph’s Urban Design collection to the UK market in 2016.  Previously, they have worked in the global business industry for over 100 years and have established their reputation as experts in perfect precast concrete construction. They constantly innovate with the latest technology and processes and are always shifting boundaries and developing new detailed solutions which push concrete to its limits. Typically working on industrial scale construction projects, the Concrete Urban Design collection was formed as a creative venture to best utilise their expertise in new form.

Concrete Rudolph UK case studies

Since their UK launch, these majestic pieces of furniture have been installed in a number of prestigious projects around the UK. More details will be coming soon on our interactive map and case studies.


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