At All Urban we pride ourselves on sourcing unique and contemporary designs for high end urban furniture and street lighting. We work with carefully-chosen, small, independent designers, manufacturers and craftsmen to source fully functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing products. Our customers include lighting designers, landscape architects and architects in many leading urban developments around the UK.

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How do you combine the design impact and the traditional practicality of a water fountain to create something entirely different? The experts at Santa & Cole have created two drinking fountains with the functionality of classical fountains and a visual appearance that will coordinate with the most modern urban settings. These fountains are made from anti-rust, durable metals and can be fitted with an anti-freeze valve. They should be fitted within reach of our underground water system, and any waste water will drain into the ground. At All Urban, we are proud to be the exclusive UK suppliers of drinking fountains by Santa & Cole, who are world-leaders in urban design.


Designed by Enric Batlle and Joan Roig, this pleasantly-shaped and timeless geometric design has a rectangular, anti-rust cast iron ‘monolith’, and features a stainless steel spout and iron water-collection grid. It can be installed individually, in sets or in rows.

The Atlántida includes a pressure regulator and timer flow control to save water. This design requires very little maintenance, except for standard cleaning of the button and interior. It is delivered in two parts: the monolith and spout, along with the required amount of grids and stainless-steel frames. The assembly instructions and anchor bolts are included with the monolith. This drinking fountain is 110cm high when it is installed, and comes with a painted finish.


The Caudal is comprised of simple geometric forms. It was developed and improved in collaboration with wheelchair users with a view to breaking down architectural barriers in cities and enabling universal use.

The fountain body is made from zinc-plated steel sheet, with anti-rust protection. It has an anti-splash drain grate and interior tray made of sandblasted stainless steel. The nozzle and push button are made of brass with a matt-chrome finish. The fountain is embedded 10cm into the ground and fastened through a base plate with four corrugated rods. It has a brown powder-painted finish.

Like the Atlántida, the Caudal includes a pressure regulator and timer flow control to economise and optimise water use. The piece is delivered assembled with anchoring instructions. When it is installed, the water jet is 85cm from ground height.

Thoroughly refreshing designs

At All Urban, we can help you find drinking fountains for stand-alone use or to blend in with your other design features. We supply a full range of high-end urban street furniture, including everything from bike racks, to lamps, beacon lights, street lamps and tables.

Our team has the design experience to understand the needs of your project. Customers trust us to provide an exemplary level of service and support. From our office in Sheffield, we will be pleased to offer advice on all our products. You can reach us by phone or drop us an email with your requirements.

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