At All Urban we pride ourselves on sourcing unique and contemporary designs for high end urban furniture and street lighting. We work with carefully-chosen, small, independent designers, manufacturers and craftsmen to source fully functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing designs. Our products are used by lighting designers, landscape architects and architects in many leading urban developments around the UK.

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Fred by LAB23



Designer: GIBILLERO Design

Fred is a bollard. It has a simple and linear form, typical for urban design: the cylinder.

Sculpt with light

Beacon lights (or bollard lights or path lights) provide attractive light that slants down obliquely, to illuminate paths, boundaries or access points outdoors. They improve safety and enhance ambiance while minimising light pollution. These lights can be found in a number of attractive styles, widths and heights, and can be mounted on the road or embedded. To ensure longevity, they need to be durable and able to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Beacon lights can help to create a beautiful nighttime landscape in private gardens and public urban spaces. They are used in all types of urban, commercial, residential and hospitality settings to help pedestrians and drivers navigate around driveways, gardens, patios, paths, steps, around walkways. The most innovative designs add unique sculptural features to pools, terraces, balconies and barbecues, and along public pathways, promenades, streets, roads or footpaths. You will be able to choose between different levels of illumination, various finishes, colours and effects.

Our beacon light range

At All Urban, all of our beacon lights are made to last: they are rust-resistant, durable and include the latest LED lighting technology for energy efficiency, low maintenance and a long life. All products are supplied with assembly instructions. We are the exclusive UK suppliers of beacon lights designed by Urbidermis Santa & Cole, who are world-leaders in industrial street furniture design.

  • Área: this sculptural, tilted beacon light features an internal reflector, and the body is made from tough Corten steel. It can be embossed to advertise a place or an organisation and is 97cm high at the highest point. 20 W 9 LED (3000 K, 700 mA)
  • Finisterre: this simple and robust yet elegant triangular bollard light has smooth, rounded edges and it can produce white, red or green light to signal to traffic. The body and cover are made from ductile cast iron and it can be mounted on the road surface or embedded. Finisterre has a paint finish is 81cm high. 4.8 W 4 LEDs (cool white light, 6500 K)
  • Rama: with its aluminium body, this beacon light has a slim, stylish appearance. Its luminaire includes an asymmetric reflector to minimise light pollution. The Rama is 84cm high and features 12 W 12 LED (3000 K, 350 mA)
  • Skyline: designed by Antoni Roselló, this versatile beacon light is used in all types of outdoor environments, and can be customised with high-luminosity reflective paints and commercial logos. The body is made from bent steel and can be embedded or street mounted. It comes in a choice of four colours and either 35cm or 80cm heights, with the taller light offering a choice of one or two illuminated ‘windows’ in two different positions (see full specifications). It is fitted with an LED technology module,with 4,2W – 4 LED (3000K, 350mA).

At All Urban, we can help you find outdoor wall lamps and street lamps for stand-alone use or to blend in with your other design features. We supply a full range of high-end urban street furniture, including everything from bike racks to shelters and bins.

Whether you are looking for a single bench or wanting to create a unique lighting installation, we have the experience to understand the needs of your project. Our customers trust us to provide an exemplary level of service and support. From our office in Sheffield, we will be pleased to offer advice rather than to attempt a make a ‘hard sell’. You can reach us by phone or drop us an email with your requirements.

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