All Urban is the UK’s exclusive distributor for LAB23 – one of Europe’s most prestigious producers of supreme urban and eco furniture design.

LAB23’s technologies and unique, eco-friendly materials are unparalleled. They make the already high quality products durable, energy conserving and resistant to vandalism and weather.

All Urban has introduced a range of over 200 truly beautiful products to the UK from the iconic Italian studio. The most popular ranges include the S Range, Fluxus, Zadig and Crossed Range. These ranges boast some of the most striking benches, bike racks, planters, bins, chairs (and more) on the market.

Most LAB23 products can be bespoke. They will transform your space and captivate your visitors.

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Cutting-edge Nanotechnology treatments make LAB23 products even more resistant to weather and vandalism.

Nanotechnology is eco-friendly, using non-toxic products, evidenced by certifications.

It makes cleaning and maintaining furniture easy. Graffiti removal leaves no trace – so that LAB23 products always look stunning in your urban space.

This technology significantly extends product life, as water and other elements cannot penetrate it. Yet the natural composition means nanotechnology is ‘breathable’ and does not create a barrier like its silicon competitors.

Materials become waterproof and oil-repellent, and more resistant to scratches and abrasions, limescale and dirt.

Nanotechnology can be used on concrete, plastic, glass, flooring, wood, brick and steel, as well as other materials.

There is also an anti-slip treatment for most kinds of flooring, from marble to cement (plastic and lino coming soon), with no change to the surface appearance.

Unique materials and finishes

LAB23 has pioneered a range of material combinations and stunning finishes for each of its designs.

Materials include exotic timbers (Iroko and Okume), hypergranite, corten steel, and WPC (a mixture of wood and plastics), plus the WPC evolution WPVC, an original and eco-friendly artisan WPC made in Italy.

Stainless steel comes with varying brush strokes and finishes, including velvet!

There are also leather, canvas and wooden finishes on UHPC concrete – and more.

There are limitless bespoke possibilities for your LAB23 pieces.


Cataphoresis is seven times stronger than galvanising. It comes as standard on all LAB23 Urban benches, but is also available on most LAB23 products. LAB23 uses the high level C4 cataphoresis, but can also provide the higher protection levels C5-I or C5-M as required.

Cataphoresis involves a very stringent process to ensure a first-class finish. Non-toxic chemicals are used and ethically sourced.


LAB23 collaborates with around 18 of the most renowned street furniture designers in Europe.


Concrete Urabn Design
Handspring Design
Santa Cole
Short Edition