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LEC Lyon UK – We are delighted to introduce French manufacturer LEC Lyon.

We are a UK supplier for LEC Lyon, experts in LED. They have been working at the fore-front of LED lighting for over 40 years, meeting strict specifications for aesthetics, reliability, energy efficiency and maintenance.

Recognised internationally, they have become masters in designing and manufacturing marker lights and spot lights as well as engineering large-scale ambitious lighting solutions. Their product range includes, bollards, ground flushed recessed fittings, and ground recessed fittings, handrails, masts, overhead catenary lights, pavements sides, wall lights and wall recessed lights.

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Allevard by LEC Lyon

LEC Lyon logo

Allevard marker light

The spotlight inside the Allevard marker light swivels 360° in its recess to direct the beam in the right direction with no installation constraints.

LED plate is tiltable (+/25°) by external adjustment without opening the fitting or compromising its water resistant.



Low facade lighting (5m)

Highlight architectural features, street furniture, small trees…

Application: Outdoor Lighting

Standard flux : 1561 lm

Mounting type:

  • Ground flush recessed fittings
  • Ground recessed fittings

Weight: 2300 grams


  • Anodised aluminium body
  • Vandal proof organic glass window
  • 316L Stainless steel screws
  • Flush-recessed
  • 2 possible recess dimensions
  • Withstands occasional traffic from all kinds of vehicles
  • RGBW options available

Options of luminous effects:

  • RGBW option
  • Adjustable on 2 axis
  • Rotating beam
  • Beam with various openings
  • Transparent flat window
  • Colour control system (optional)

Power supply – Control – 1m cable length



24V-Non dimmable , 24V-PWM , 24V-DMX


24V-0/10V , 24V-DALI



230V-Non dimmable , 230V-PWM , 230V-0/10V , 230V-DMX , 230V-DALI

Mechanical strength – Waterproofness

  • Vandalism-proof, scratch-proof, UV-proof, polycarbonate window, M2
  • Withstands random all vehicles traffic
  • Resists impacts up to 60 joules (IK10)
  • IP68 tight for extended immersion

Case Studies

The Allevard light has been installed in prestigious public spaces in the UK and around the world, some which include, ‘the Walls of Marrakesh, Morocco’, ‘Statue of Autonomy, Madeira Island’, ‘St Catharine College, Cambridge University’, ‘Kamen-Nordenmauer in Germany’, ‘The WatchTower, “Tour du Guet”, Chagny’, ‘Walls of Rabat, Morocco’, ‘Lights on the open air museum of Paris La Défense’.

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