AllUrban offer a range of unique and innovative urban furniture designs that can be suited to almost any outdoor area. Particularly, park furniture such as benches, tables and bicycle racks are some of the most modern and stylish pieces that not only serve the needs of the public, but will also enhance the look and feel of any outdoor park. The array of commercial park furniture means that the products are versatile and can be used in community parks, or for private outdoor areas.

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Why urban park furniture?

The addition of these sleek designs are a perfect way to bring together and finish a special project, landscape or community area. Outdoor park street furniture includes lighting, backless benches, tables and bins which all have their own bespoke style, ensuring you will find the design that seamlessly fits into your vision.

The overall look of the park or urban area is also often complemented by contemporary pieces throughout which tie the environment together. This can be in terms of colour, style or material. For example, an outdoor park with natural settings can benefit from pieces like the ‘trapecio’ bench from Santa and Cole which is made of timber beams that match a more natural environment. Other ideas like the ‘key’ bicycle rack, which features a vibrant red colour, is a great way to add excitement to the landscape when matched with other colourful products.

Inclusion of outdoor furniture also offers the benefit of comfort and usefulness which can create a better environment for people to interact with and use. For instance, a bench or table results in a space for people to rest, eat or even view the surrounding area; creating a much more friendly and convenient space. Similarly, in a personal landscape, the addition of pieces like lighting or seats can again produce a more much people-friendly environment that will gain interaction.

How to buy and install urban park furniture:

AllUrban park outdoor furniture products are very popular among buyers such as local councils and landscape designers, who want to create an urban public space for communities to enjoy. However, the range of products have the potential to be used in less commercial areas and within private projects, with the furniture acting as the finishing touch to an exciting new landscape.

The team at AllUrban pride themselves on delivering the most reliable and efficient advice when it comes to designing, purchasing and installing your desired park furniture. Using their industry contacts like architects and landscape designers they can guide you throughout the process, after providing you with the relevant catalogues containing the pieces you require.

To view the range of catalogues, go to the service tab and see the downloadable catalogues from each of the park furniture suppliers to begin your journey into the world of modern and stylish outdoor park furniture.

If you would like information or advice regarding products or installation don’t hesitate to fill out the enquiries form and receive a reply from the responsive team as soon as possible or contact us today.

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