Unique planter designs for urban spaces

All the exquisite design and architecture in the world often cannot prevent urban areas becoming quite monotone and dull. All that is needed to bring some much needed character and life to an area is a pop of colour and what better way to incorporate that than by bringing Mother Nature into the urban environment.

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Botero by LAB23



Designer: GIBILLERO Design

This flower pot is very simple with an external large cylinder composed by 2 calendered steel that

Neck by LAB23



The NECK planter is made in steel 30/10 thickness. To obtain the peculiar conical shape characterizing the planter,

Quaddy by LAB23



Designer: Studiorange

The structure of the planter QUADDY is made of modules in steel 15/10 and 30/10 thickness, joined together with

S Planter by LAB23


S Planter

Designer: Veronica Martinez

fiber-reinforced material made in polyester resin and marble powders, particularly resistant to wear and atmospheric agents.

Bringing trees, shrubs and flowers into your urban area not only offers you the opportunity to explore colour and vibrancy within your design; you can completely transform the overall appearance of any urban space. It is not only the choice of greenery you opt for which can transform an aesthetic but also the choice of planter used too. Planters are the frame for the artwork nature has gifted you and contemporary designs can truly lift your urban spaces to the next level. Whether the space you are working with is open and airy or whether it is enclosed and structured; the right planter can enrich and enhance visitor the area to maximise visitor experience.

The finishing touch

It is not enough to simply add any old greenery to your urban space. Placing the odd tree or bed of flowers without consideration can make them appear an afterthought; simply added at the end of the design to ensure things don’t look too grey. The right planter not only will enhance the appearance of the plants you choose to incorporate, but it can become an extension of your urban design in order to tie the two concepts together seamlessly.

The Meander model is a perfect example of how a planter can enhance the original design of an area. With its flower shaped design and smooth surfaces; the Meander lends itself perfectly to open areas such as parks or gardens. The organic style of this planter sits perfectly well within already blossoming naturalistic environments, as does the Monolith planter which has been inspired by pebbles and stones viewed through water.

In contrast, the Plaza planter would likely look at home situated amongst tall buildings and the uniformity of the urban environment. The Plaza, with its straight lines and solid construction, offers the perfect solution for tree or shrub planting in urban surroundings where traditional planting is not possible. Available in a range of finishes and colours; the Plaza can bring an oasis of colour and life into any urban space.

Planters can not only enrich urban design but they can also become essential parts of the design concept. Large planters such as the Tram can be used as key elements to make boundaries or separate different areas. The bold design of the Tram speaks of authority and structure whilst at the same time, offering a large bed for the planting of an array of colourful flowers and plants to bring joy and life.

Planters can stand out from the crowd or can blend in seamlessly to the surrounding urban environment depending on the design concept you have chosen to follow. A unique planter design can be the difference between mediocrity and breath-taking excellence.


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