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Concrete Urban Design



Harmonising shape and function determines the character of the realgrün landscape architects’ artistic vision. Its consistent realisation is reflected in the Arpa seating bench. The conceptual design of the complex three-dimensional shape of the hollow concrete body equally meets the demand for functionality, ergonomics and modularity. The material’s robustness and durability, its comfortable surface haptics and the glass fibre concrete’s shades of colours are completing this triad.

The crucial factor was a contract for a park in Munich. Realgrün landscape architects developed the park’s design from the conceptual idea of streams of motion. Thereof resulted, among other things, curved dynamic shapes and courses. Of course, the designed seating elements had to be subordinated to both the artistic vision and the colour concept that was reduced to white and yellow. A piece of furniture off the shelf therefore was out of the question. The layout of lines of this park’s architecture, its colouring and shaping is finding its direct continuation in Arpa. Wherever clear lines are dominating Arpa is always pleasing the eye – be it outdoors with a wooden seat or indoors with seats of leather or of white Corian.

Design: realgrün Landschaftsarchitekten

Download Datasheet Arpa [781 KB / PDF]
CAD-Data Arpa Base – Modules [160 KB / DWG]
CAD-Data Arpa Base – Modules [897 KB / DXF]
CAD-Data Arpa Boardwalk – Modules [143 KB / DWG]
CAD-Data Arpa Boardwalk – Modules [855 KB / DXF]

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