Project Description

Technical drawing

Concrete Urban Design

Boomer One


Boomer is sensuous in every respect; rich of contrasts in shape and effect. The organically floating shape, reminding us of a stretched torso, with a precise closure on the one hand, and a material that seems to be so hard on the other. Present, yet reserved, organic and soft, even fragile, Boomer is nurturing the notion of growing and floating.

With Boomer one and Boomer two the designers not only developed a piece of seating furniture, but also a sculpture that vividly approaches and follows ambient and waving shapes, fitting snugly to them and continuing their motion. Nevertheless Boomer is also standing on its own and appears to be jovial and decent, and invites you to chill out and linger. For this niche Boomer is meeting requirements way beyond any standards whatsoever. Glass fibre concrete convinced the designers with its solidness, akin in character and nature to stone, and with its sculptability, purity and unique haptics.

Design: studio B

Download Datasheet Boomer One [129 KB / PDF]
Download CAD-Data Boomer One [57 KB / DWG]
Download CAD-Data Boomer One [244 KB / DXF]

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