Concrete Urban Design

Boomer Two

Luxury sculptural bench.

Designers: Elke Berger & Norman Herwig from Studio B landscape architecture, 2012

The Boomer Two  bench was designed by landscape architects who wanted to design a bench which evoked positive user emotions by providing more than just a functional experience. This beautiful art bench is suitable for both outdoor and indoor areas.

Its alluring form would fit perfectly into high quality city streets, plazas and squares, public parks and gardens, patios, terraces, rooftops, or any large public spaces looking to make an impression with their furnishings.

The Boomer Two bench is a bold gesture, synthesising furniture and art as it vividly approaches and follows ambient waving shapes. Both monumental and sensuous, it is rich in contrasts of both effect and form. It is simultaneously present in space and reserved at the same time. The floating organic form opens up the imagination, perhaps depicting a stretched torso on the one hand? And on the other presents a material that seems to be so hard – concrete artistry is moulded to be organic, soft almost fragile and growing.

Sister to the Boomer One bench, the Concrete Rudolph® Boomer Two bench belongs to the Urban Design® family.

Product dimensions:

Full height:  101 cm

Seat height: 48 cm
Width:  200 cm

Length: 555 cm
Wall thickness: 20-50 mm (hollow body)

Mass: approx. 710 kg

Material: Fibre-glass concrete

Possible Adaptions:

Surfaces & Colours

Natural look – in natural concrete grey. Colourless sealed, with a smooth, fine surface.

Natural coloured looks – with matrix dyed concrete in either dark grey, cream or anthracite. Colourless sealed, with a smooth, fine surface.

Smooth colour cover – colour coated to RAL tone with a smooth, fine surface.

Velvet cover – a velvet pearly surface, coated on top of RAL coating.

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