City Doggy 60

The Finbin® City 60 Doggy belongs to the Finbin® Litter Bin Series and is part of the City family. The inspiration for this bin came from Hannu Kähönen’s original designs for the City 30 and 60 when they worked together to manufacture bins for the City of Helsinki in Finland. Finbin® worked exclusively with the authority using their expertise to design and manufacture the designer litter bins for the city’s public spaces. The project included thorough market research which investigated the easiest, safest and most efficient way of emptying bins. They also focused on developing a bin which was extra resistant against vandalism and other mechanical stress. Since then, FinBin has adapted the classic design to create the City 60 Doggy.

This cylindrical bin has a timeless design, fitting into any outdoor area. Uniquely, it can be placed in dog parks and along dog-walking routes. City Doggy has an aperture with a steel flap on a secure metal chute. This ensures the hygienic disposal of the dog waste, diminishes smell and prevents the contents from displaying when using the bin.

The City 60 Doggy is made from powder-coated galvanised steel, is 710mm high, 400mm wide and available as a 47-litre unit.

The exterior is only available powder coated (RAL) to match existing outside environment. (Orders under 10 bins will incur an additional charge if the colour is other than RAL6005, RAL6009, RAL9005, RAL9006, DB703 or metallic black.

The bin can be easily emptied by opening the lockable hinged front door, revealing a galvanised steel liner which is both easy and safe to empty. Fastening options include clamps, wall fixture, plate posts, ground posts and flange posts, metal base and concrete base.

The City bins have already been installed in a number of city centres including Helsinki (Finland), Bilbao (Spain), Malmö (Sweden), English Garden (Munich).

Product dimensions:

Height : 710 mm
Width: 400 mm
Capacity: 47 litre

Material: Stainless steel

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