Colibri Ashtray

The Colibri Ashtray belongs to the Finbin® Litter Bin Series. It is a cigarette disposal unit designed to take care of the environment and can be easily placed at bus stops, entrances etc.  The design is both graceful and functional, easy to use and carries the classic FinBin® litter bin design style.

Uniquely, the design of this stylish wall ashtray features a roof above the aperture, protecting the disposed of cigarettes from the outside weather. The large aperture has been designed to allow users to dispose of their cigarette ends comfortably, dropping them into the ashtray, which is then smothered inside the tight construction.

These would make the perfect edition to luxury-market smoking areas where contemporary design and style are important when creating the ultimate visitor experience. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor areas, it can be fitted into outdoor smoking shelters, private outdoor spaces, gardens, VIP areas, airport smoking rooms, anywhere that requires a luxury public ashtray.

It has been constructed in stainless steel for exceptional strength and is 370m high, 125mm wide and available in a 3-litre unit. The liner is fully lockable and is easily emptied via the bottom of the container.

Product dimensions:

Height : 370 mm
Width: 125 mm
Capacity: 3 litre

Material: Stainless steel

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