Dun Loghaire


Squares and parks

In 2002, Bob Hannon’s architecture studio carried out the project to pedestrianise the main shopping street of the town Dunlaoire. The initial idea was to inundate the area with lights similar to those of a football pitch. But Bob Hannon and his team sought a more interesting solution which would allow the junction between the two main roads of this city shopping centre to be lit up sufficiently, and which would in turn pay attention to the resultant nocturnal atmosphere. They thus chose to install three Lampelunas Streetlamps very close together so that they could be seen from any angle.

This urban lighting project achieves the ideal effect at the two times of the day when the use of a Streetlamp stands out: by night, it offers a soft light but sufficient to guarantee the visibility and security necessary at this urban crossroads. By day, the presence of the Lampelunas Streetlamps, designed by José Antonio Martínez Lapeña and Elías Torres, is perceived as a work of art which beautifies the collective space.

Many of this Irish town’s inhabitants believe that, with this project, the light of the moon has come back to light up the streets of Dunlaoire even in the darkest nights of winter.

Project Carried Out by

Bob Hannon

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