Euston Circus


Euston Circus is the junction of Euston Road, Tottenham Court Road and Hampstead Heath. This junction was particularly complex and has been challenging for the large number of pedestrians that need to navigate their way around the busy junction. Transport for London engaged in a regeneration program for this area last year, with the aim of creating a more pleasant space, a simplified junction and to aid passage for pedestrians, cyclists, cars and users of public transport. Wider pavements have created a people-friendly space, with trees and landscaping to make a greener feel. With the area looking so much more attractive it was important that pedestrians had a place to rest, and Urbidermis Santa & Cole’s Nu and Communitario benches were chosen to be used throughout the site, complementing the modern aesthetics of the space exceptionally well. The generously proportioned benches are perfect for easily and comfortably accommodating large numbers of users.

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