Moveart Sculptures

Gascoigne Park, London

Gascoigne Park, a project completed in May 2023 through collaboration with Barking and Dagenham London Borough Council, stands as a testament to the commitment to creating a multifaceted space. Designed to be more than just a park, it serves as a canvas for social engagement, active recreation, and moments of quiet contemplation. The park’s core objective is to foster a sense of community, ensuring it becomes a cherished space for everyone. A delightful blend of exploration, climbing, balancing, and informal seating areas invites visitors to experience joyful moments in diverse ways.

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Tim Spain of Turkington Martin, landscape architects.:-

“The MoveArt furniture is integral to the parks design and character and the two have been developed hand-in-hand through an open dialogue and continual support from Norbert Roztocki and the All Urban team, enriching the user experience of the park, whether it be through play, social interaction, quiet contemplation or simply passing by. The way that users of the park are able to interact with the MoveArt furniture is key to the essence of exploration of a river / watercourse and each of the elements was selected with the MoveArt / All Urban team to provide different levels of energy across the park, from more passive, explorative experiences to more energetic opportunities.”

The MoveArt structures add a layer of uniqueness to the park, encouraging users to explore and interact with it organically over an extended period. They inspire imagination and new ways of exploring.

The park also includes traditional dedicated play areas to engage a spectrum of play senses—swinging, sliding, climbing, balancing, and jumping. Beyond individual play, the design enhances social interactions between children and their caregivers, further enriching the communal spirit of Gascoigne Park.