Santa Cole

Harpo seating

Quality flat-packed outdoor seating

Designer: Gonzalo Milá, Miguel Milá, 2014

Conceived to take up a mere tenth of the volume that other benches of similar dimensions require, easy to assemble and install, affordable, and very comfortable. On commission from our editors, father-and-son team Miguel and Gonzalo Milá – two big names in contemporary street furniture design – undertook the difficult task of drawing a bench for the 21st-century international market. It had to be able to travel flat and unassembled, be humble and multicultural in shape, very comfortable and sober in figure, and easy to produce in simple economies, even with local materials.
In a nutshell, the first global urban bench.
The upshot is Harpo, the friendliest and cheekiest of the Marx brothers, recognisable worldwide without the need for words.
The Harpo family comprises the bench, chair, banquette and table, all dressed in narrow or wide FSC-certified wooden slats.

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