Hull City of Culture

Yorkshire Water

Hull incorporated three of our Urbidermis Santa & Cole Atlántida drinking fountains in the regeneration of their City Centre as part of the City of Culture Celebrations. These eye catching public drinking fountains aim to revitalise a Victorian tradition by improving access to free and fresh drinking water in the city centre and providing a meeting point for the general public and tourists.

The new landmarks are situated at King Edward’s Square, Queen’s Gardens and the Marina as part of the city wide trail to reflect the city’s fishing heritage. Drinking water fountains have been part of the city’s heritage since 1858 to quench the thirst of workers in the city. This project has been a huge success for the city providing free and clean drinking water to the public including the elderly, children, homeless people and animals. The purpose of the fountains is to make the city welcoming and accessible to all and a place that everyone can enjoy to work, live and be a part of all year round.

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