Introducing the Monna City

Monna City is a smart cycling point, specifically designed for the urban landscape.

The Smarter Cycling Experience. 

The Monna City has been distinctly designed to be installed in urban locations making it perfect for the UK’s cities and towns.

Fully sustainable, it’s basic functions are 100% solar powered, requiring no additional power supply, or infrastructural adjustments. Unique to Monna City, it’s hybrid module upgrade allows for more advanced functions such as electric bicycle charging socks, outdoor digital display, CCTV system etc. however it requires AC grid power.

The Monna City has broad usage potential and includes many functionalities one of which is its unique smart features; with in-built sensors for data collection and analysis, it can gather information on the number of charged bicycles, the operability of various components, and monitor atmospheric conditions. All settings can easily be changed on the Monna cycling point dashboard according to the owner’s particular needs.

The Monna City is the perfect solution for city squares, parks, streets, shopping centres, and leisure centres.

To find out more about installing Monna City in your location, please contact All Urban at or call 0114 282 1283.