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The cooperation with the Dutch furniture designer René Holten is bearing further beautiful fruit. After the group of seating furniture KIRK, LOUNGER and SHORTY a series of vases and bowls has now been created.

René Holten is consciously trying to make the connection between nature and material visible through shape. That way he got his inspiration for MONOLITH from the rounded shapes of stones in a river bed. Solid and strong shapes that at the same time appear to be soft and polished as if they had been finished in water for a long, long time.

With his designs René Holten is trying to create a balanced feeling between nature – a form of flowing lines – on the one hand, and functionality, aesthetics and production options on the other. »For me it was important to create shapes as simple as possible with the concrete material. They amaze by their shape and contour and stimulate people to touch them. In the Netherlands we call this »aaibaarheidsfactor«. When being touched the robust and strong concrete astounds by its softness and smooth surface. The precise craftsmanship and the new technologies of Rudolph fired me with enthusiasm and also showed me the myriad possibilities of this material.«

Design: René Holten

Download Datasheet Monolith [63 KB / PDF]
Download CAD-Data Monolith 01 [54 KB / DWG]
Download CAD-Data Monolith 01 [225 KB / DXF]
Download CAD-Data Monolith 02 [53 KB / DWG]
Download CAD-Data Monolith 02 [223 KB / DXF]

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