Concrete Urban Design


Concrete Modular Outdoor Bench.

Designer: Klaus-D. Neumann & Wolf D. from Real Green Landscape Architects, 2013

The Nova modular bench system with its fine design is both eye-catching and versatile. Designed specifically with the urban environment in mind, this majestic and playful bench helps create memorable spaces and uplifts the atmosphere through via aesthetic.

It would sit perfectly in city plazas and squares, public parks and gardens, waterfronts, patios, terraces, rooftops, or any communal and public spaces looking to elevate their environment with bold contemporary design.

This modular design can be individually tailored to suit any design concept. There are two modules to choose from – a straight and a curved element. By adding a mixture of the two, a variety of shapes and designs can be created. Popular shapes include circles, snake and wave.

The Concrete Rudolph® Nova modular luxury bench belongs to the Urban Design® family.

N1 Product dimensions:

Seat height: 44cm
Width: 130cm

Length: 314cm

Basic Model N1 Mass: approx. 435 kg
Wall thickness: 30mm (hollow body)

N2 Product dimensions:

Seat height: 44cm
Width: 130cm

Length: 300cm
Wall thickness: 30mm (hollow body)

Basic Model N2 Mass: approx. 543 kg

Material: Fibre-glass concrete

Possible Adaptions:

Surfaces & Colours

Natural look – in natural concrete grey. Colourless sealed, with a smooth, fine surface.

Natural coloured looks – with matrix dyed concrete in either dark grey, cream or anthracite. Colourless sealed, with a smooth, fine surface.

Smooth colour cover – colour coated to RAL tone with a smooth, fine surface.

Velvet cover – a velvet pearly surface, coated on top of RAL coating.

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