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Concrete Urban Design



Design is great when it makes sense and is beautiful. Osa counts to those things you want to touch because the elements are beautiful. Just like a dream car which nobody can pass by without softly stroking its paint with the hand. Osa is multifunctional. This makes sense. Simply good design.Osa is the result of the search for a huge piece of city furniture that had to unite several functions. Therefore the osa designers developed a concrete bench of a length of about five metres with seating space and wooden seats. Osa is vandalism-proof and also provides space for the city’s brochures and information for tourists. The bench is modular and can be arranged around a tree so that its natural shade can be used. With an innovative connector system the individual modules are invisibly linked just like Lego bricks. And what’s best: spots under a glass cover in the recess are submerging the tree trop into subdued light during the night. Osa is individual yet less expensive than a standard piece of furniture – a perfect symbiosis of design, function and economic viability.

Design: Munitec

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