Concrete Urban Design


Robust Concrete Planter.

Designer: Eva Rudolph, 2006

The Pato luxury concrete planter has been designed as a timeless classic by using simplicity and strong form. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, it adds further character to high-quality public spaces. This majestic planter is available in 7 sizes and manufactured from fibre-glass concrete, it’s built to last!

A collection of planters would sit perfectly in city plazas and squares, public parks and gardens, waterfronts, patios, terraces, rooftops, or any communal and public spaces looking to bring their environment to life with beautiful flowers and classic design.

The Concrete Rudolph® Pato planter belongs to the ‘Planting Objects’ Series and is part of the Urban Design® family.

Material: Fibre-glass concrete

Possible Adaptions:

Surfaces & Colours

Natural look – in natural concrete grey. Colourless sealed, with a smooth, fine surface.

Natural coloured looks – with matrix dyed concrete in either dark grey, cream or anthracite. Colourless sealed, with a smooth, fine surface.

Smooth colour cover – colour coated to RAL tone with a smooth, fine surface.

Velvet cover – a velvet pearly surface, coated on top of RAL coating.

Pato 1 Product dimensions:

Height:  43 cm
Width: 53 cm

Length: 53 cm

Mass: 41kg


Pato 2 Product dimensions:

Height: 55 cm
Width: 55 cm

Length: 55 cm

Mass: 50kg


Pato 3 Product dimensions:

Height: 58 cm
Width: 72 cm

Length: 72 cm

Mass: 104kg


Pato 4 Product dimensions:

Height: 75 cm
Width: 75 cm

Length: 75 cm

Mass: 134kg


Pato 5 Product dimensions:

Height: 82 cm
Width: 100 cm

Length: 100 cm

Mass: 258kg


Pato 6 Product dimensions:

Height: 105 cm
Width: 105 cm

Length: 105 cm

Mass: 331kg

Pato 7 Product dimensions:

Height: 130 cm
Width: 109 cm

Length: 109 cm

Mass: 410kg

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