Pure Bin

Designer: Stéphane Chapelet

The PURE bin is made in steel sheet. The cover and the load-bearing structure are made of a single steel sheet of 80/10 thickness, with a central support made of a steel sheet of 20/10 thickness. The structure of the bin has a 15/10 thickness on the front part and on the side, and has a 20/10 thickness on the back and on the bottom. Inside the bin, a bag-holder in stainless steel or galvanized steel of 6 mm diam. is hooked. The bin can be emptied by rotating it on a pivot placed on the back of the bottom, thanks to the lock on the load-bearing structure. On the upper part of the load-bearing structure, an ashtray is placed, resulting from the fold of steel sheets of 10/10 thickness, and is provided with a rail system that allows the bin to be emptied without removing it completely. The bin can be fixed to the ground through 4 holes of 11 mm diam for the insertion of specific bolts (not provided).

For the realization of this product, Steel EN10111DD11 is used and later treated with a cycle of sandblasting, cataphoresis and powder coating. Such cycle is meant to guarantee the protection of the painted products, in an environment of C4 corrosion class, as requested by the UNI regulations EN ISO 12944-2. The products are eventually polyester-powder coated with AkzoNobel RAL colours at choice.

Max dimensions:

Height: 803 mm
Width: 369 mm
Length: 313 mm
Underfloor: 200 mm
Height with rain cover: 942 mm
Capacity: 45 lt
Ashtray Capacity: 0,75 lt
Weight: 43 kg

Material: steel

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