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Short Edition

Short Edition short stories for the UK

With over 10,000 Short Edition short stories available, the only problem you’ll have is selecting the short pieces of literature for your dispenser. The mini novels range from 1 to 5 minutes in length and are suitable for children and adults alike. To make it easier to choose, the short stories have been organised into catalogue by type of story.

Short story catalogues

  1. Collection

This catalogue features stories across a range of different literary genres so there is something for everyone. From romance to drama, these short pieces of literature have been chosen with vocabulary, subject, style and emotions in mind to be accessible to a wide audience.

  1. Feel Good

This collection of feel good stories mixes romance with humour, so expect plays on words, great punchlines and hilarious situations.

  1. Science Fiction & Fantasy

With time shifts and points of reference turned upside down, Science Fiction & Fantasy sets off to conquer an alternative universe. These worlds might include flights on the back of a dragon, mischievous fairies and dusty books of spells, spaceships and new technologies.

  1. Suspense & Crime

Investigations typical of British detectives, a plunge into the very entrails of evil,

or a breakneck race against time, these suspenseful reads will take your breath

away! An atmosphere of darkness, a trail of clues, a frantic pace, all tastes are catered for in the dark side of literature.

  1. Informal & Sensitive

All literary genres are present in this catalogue such as romance, drama and fantasy. These stories often broach sensitive subjects such as disease, violence and can contain informal vocabulary, therefore could be upsetting or offensive to some readers.

  1. Sensual

This category features a range of different short stories, which contain mild sensual vocabulary. These could be dramas, thrillers or simply observations of everyday life. The sensuality is implied, but never explicit.

  1. Children’s Stories

Inspiring and colourful heroes can be found in the school playground, in the midst of exciting adventures or battling with personal dilemmas. Small acts of foolishness and great discoveries are all found in these short stories aimed at young dreamers from 8 to 12 years old.

  1. Classics

Poems and short stories selected from American and British classic literature including well-known authors such as Virginia Woolf, William Butler Yeats, Emily Dickinson, Lewis Carroll and William Shakespeare.

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UK writers for Short Edition

Whilst Short Edition already offers a huge selection of stories written in English to UK readers, Short Edition is looking for English-speaking authors to offer their works to be featured as Short Edition short stories.  Details to follow shortly.

To find out more about becoming a Short Edition author contact All Urban at or call 0114 282 1283.

Short Edition Short Story Dispenser