Project Description

Technical drawing

Concrete Urban Design


Concrete table.

With the concept for the ensemble of Lounger, Shorty and Tabloo the designer René Holten is moving about border areas. This trio appears to be thin as paper with clear and precise lines and yet is strong and solid. With a vividness as light as a feather – cast in glass fibre concrete.

And also Tabloo, the table, follows this line and completes this trio, rounding it off. Tabloo not only convinces in combination with Lounger or Shorty, as even as a soloist its design clearly speaks for itself.

Design: René Holten

Download Datasheet Tabloo [79 KB / PDF]
Download CAD-Data Tabloo [46 KB / DWG]
Download CAD-Data Tabloo [194 KB / DXF]

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