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Santa Cole

Tumbler Street Light

Lamp Shaded Street Light

Designer: Industrial Facility, 2017

In keeping with Nathan Rogers’ proposal of designing “from the spoon to the city”,Sam Hecht and Kim Colin came up with the TUMBLER luminaire, transferring their characteristic and very elegant interior minimalism to the noisy world of the city.

TUMBLER is presented in the manner of a domestic lamp shade for urban uses, with a tapered section of rounded edges. It offers modularity and excellent lighting quality to adapt to the requirements of private and public spaces.

TUMBLER luminaire is compatible with ARNE and ARNE S columns. 

Materials: Injected aluminium luminaire, primed and with Light grey or Black paint finish. Injected aluminium accessories, primed and painted with same finish. Tempered optical glass diffuser. Poles made of hot-dip galvanised and primed steel, painted with the same finish: 3,60m, 4,40m, 5,20m heights, with one circular tube section of Ø 114,3 mm; 6,80m height, with two circular tube sections of Ø 114,3 mm at the top and Ø152 mm at the bottom.

Download Technical Information – Luminaire
Download Technical Information – Lighting Pole Fixture
Download Technical Information – Lighting Catenary Fixture
Download Technical Information – Lighting Wall Fixture
Download Technical Information – Poles

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