Concrete Urban Design


The sonic bench.

Designer: Sinai, 2010

The Waver bench is a talking point as it has an integrated waterproof speaker inside it which adds the ability to play audio to the user. It adds an extra dimension to the sensory experience as it invites users to enjoy the benches smooth surface and listen to music/ambient sound or stories at the same time.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, it would sit perfectly in city plazas and squares, public parks and gardens, terraces, rooftops, or any communal and public spaces looking to add distinctive and unique auditory experience for their users.

Sinai commissioned a body of research into free-space planning and urban planning which inspired their auditory idea. The design of the bench was inspired by the sound wave, contemporary in design and beautiful on the eye. It was first installed in the Landesgartenschau Aschersleben campus where it was positioned to give the illusion of a neighbouring tree presenting a heritage talk about the area. This ingenius bench is an innovative and new engaging way for users to interact with furniture.

The Concrete Rudolph® Waver bench belongs to the Urban Design® family.

Product dimensions:

Height:  58 cm
Width: 120 cm

Length: 272 cm
Wall thickness: 40-50 mm

Mass: 650kg

Material: Fibre-glass concrete

Possible Adaptions:

Surfaces & Colours

Natural look – in natural concrete grey. Colourless sealed, with a smooth, fine surface.

Natural coloured looks – with matrix dyed concrete in either dark grey, cream or anthracite. Colourless sealed, with a smooth, fine surface.

Smooth colour cover – colour coated to RAL tone with a smooth, fine surface.

Velvet cover – a velvet pearly surface, coated on top of RAL coating.

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