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With waver we created a sculptural solution of glass fibre concrete that is doing without visibly structural details. Instead, waver broadens the sensory perception of a three-dimensional piece of furniture by an auditory moment. Therefore an approach is not only possible when sitting or lying but now also with the ears.

For the designers of sinai designing of objects is the consequence of an intensive examination of public space or urban planning. In this respect designing of objects is always serving an overall design.

With »waver« the idea of a »speaking piece of furniture« which originated while working on a draft for the Campus of the regional flower show in Aschersleben in 2010 is taking shape, inspired by the leaf of the Olearia Arborescens, an evergreen bush plant from the lowlands of New Zealand’s North Island. The designers of sinai developed its characteristic shape from a series of draft elements to a geometrically varying shape that was equipped with an audio system.

Design: Sinai

Download Datasheet Waver [86 KB / PDF]
Download CAD-Data Waver [55 KB / DWG]
Download CAD-Data Waver [243 KB / DXF]

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