Here at All Urban, we pride ourselves on our position in the market as a UK based design company supporting designers and architects with carefully selected well-designed, contemporary street furniture and lighting. We’re proud to be the exclusive stockists for Barcelona based design editing company Santa & Cole, amongst other iconic partners.

Benches for all spaces

Designed to fit into the urban landscape, our benches encompass more traditional classic designs through to cutting edge ultra-modern pieces, from backless benches to original frames. We use a variety of materials, from wood through to stone and concrete, all utilised with minimal environmental impact.
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One of the oldest designs in their collection. Santa & Cole’s Boston bench was designed in the United States in the early 1980’s. Its soft, curved edges of ductile cast iron and comfortable warm tropical hardwood slats means this bench is not only aesthetically pleasing but exceptionally durable across a wide range of climates. The Boston bench comes in three sizes – a chair and two sizes of bench. It is also easy to maintain, and only requires some upkeep of the wood colour if required. The Skyline Beacon matches effortlessly with the Boston bench, working to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

The flowing concrete bench, Boomer is hard wearing, yet soft in aesthetics. The smooth graceful curve of the concrete makes this bench an inviting and beautiful contrast to the potential rigid, geometric skyscrapers and buildings around it. As a result of the glass fibre element within the concrete, the Boomer’s modern curved shape provides ergonomic comfort.
Combine the Boomer bench with the Tactil bike rack and incorporate the Macaya wall lamps, and you have a cool, urban park area, perfect for modern inner city living.

Alternate options for other environments

Benches are a necessity within so many different environments, but what will work in one situation, will not always work in another. For example, the Havana, with its wooden ergonomic shape is comfortable and echoes the organic works of architects like Gaudi. The Oak veneer plywood construction means this type of bench works perfectly within indoor or sheltered outdoor environments.
The Iola, however, is incredibly versatile. As it is manufactured from concrete it is durable and can withstand all climates. The Iola’s design means it can be slotted into the ground or left as free standing and several Iola can be integrated together to create stylish seating in a variety of bench lengths.

Durable materials mean benches are built to last

Here at All Urban, we select benches that are predominantly made from hard wearing and low maintenance materials such as metal, cast iron, wood and concrete. Concrete and metals are resistant to the sun, and wooden benches react to the sun, moving from their original tone to a silvery finish.
At All Urban, we’ll be only to happy to talk you through the best options for your space, allowing you to make an informed decision on what street furniture will work best for you.


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