Santa & Cole Urban Pergolas

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Santa & Cole Urban Pergolas

If you want to add shade and lighting to a garden, park or urban space without installing large, heavy block shelters then a Pergola may be the solution you are looking for. Pergolas offer a shaded area to sit, lighting options for pathways and protection from the elements all while maintaining a light and open feel to the area. They also give you options to grow extra plants so that they really blend into a garden or park space.

Here we look at some of the types or pergolas available and the benefits of using them in your outdoor park or urban area. Pergolas may not have been something you have considered before, but they offer a wealth of benefits as well as being stylish.

What is a Pergola?

You may be wondering what exactly is a Pergola. If you have never heard of one before it does sound quite exotic. Essentially a Pergola is traditionally a garden feature which forms a shaded walkway, passageway or seating area. Vertical posts usually support cross beams and often an open lattice roof. Pergolas can be used as an extension of a building, to cover a walkway between buildings or as a standalone feature.

Pergolas can have a solid roof build on them to form a solid barrier against the elements. Alternatively, they can have a slatted roof which can be intertwined with vie plants or they can have wooden boarded rood. These options are ideal for pergolas in parks or urban areas where you want to bring a light and natural feel.

Why you should invest in a Pergola

Pergola designs have recently had a facelift and modern and contemporary pergolas bring a futuristic element to any garden or open area. Metal and wooden Pergolas are lightweight and fit seamlessly into any open space without appearing bulky and oppressive. Offering protection from the elements whilst providing a light and comfortable place to sit; use pergolas to cover benches in parks or urban spaces to offer people a place to sit and relax away from the harsh glare of the sun.

Modern pergolas, such as the Vía Láctea model, can include lighting options meaning that the Pergola is versatile and useful at all times of the day. Combining lighting with your Pergola allows you to use them to light up walkways and passages and also provide a lit seating area for benches in parks and open areas. If your Pergola is in a garden than lighting gives you an outdoor seating and eating area you can use all year round.

Pergolas can be used almost anywhere to give you a shaded and airy place to walk or sit and enjoy the outdoors. Contemporary designs are ideal for modern and stylish areas while the wooden roofing can be combines with vine growing plants to bring nature through the design. Available in a range of sizes and styles, pergolas are the perfect addition to any contemporary garden, park or urban area.

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