Euston CircusWhat is public furniture?

AllUrban are dedicated to offering some of the most contemporary and perfectly designed urban furniture. This urban furniture or public furniture can be used for public areas within communities such as outdoor parks, transport stations and public streets, serving to enhance many public areas.

Why should I get public furniture?

Public furniture design and urban street furniture is a unique way to enrich the community and its surroundings. The range of innovative products offered by AllUrban focus on design and durability, ultimately producing some of the most stylish public furniture that is built to last. The typical options for public furniture are often benches, tables, bicycle racks and drinking fountains, all of which prove to be enticing factors for the public and for the community.

Who invests in public furniture?

Public furniture is often purchased by local councils or architects working on a communal project. These are usually areas such as parks or public street areas which require people to visit. The product range offers some stunning pieces that are not only practical but are also exciting and unique. For example, backless or bilateral benches look sleek within almost any public area and create spaces for people to rest, eat or view the scenery. The public furniture doesn’t stop at seating, with lighting designs like the skylight and colorful bicycle racks, such as ‘The Key‘ – all provide the perfect finishing touches to any design plan or project.

What are the benefits of public furniture?

The addition of furniture can create an interest for the public and helps to encourage interaction with in the public space or park. This gives the community an area they can use regularly – benches, tables and shelters are all perfect examples of ways in which people can interact with the space.

On a practical level, by introducing products like street lighting and wall lamps, the public spaces become much more comfortable and suitable for people to visit or use. They also allow for the spaces to be used for longer periods of time when necessary, this particularly applies to transport stations or streets that are used passed daylight hours.

How do I purchase Allurban products?

All of the unique designs are provided by our trusted suppliers: Urbidermis Santa & Cole, Concrete Rudolphs and Handspring Designs. Our suppliers specialise in innovative urban furniture, whilst the experienced team at Allurban can help to advise and guide you through the design and landscaping process, as well as providing industry contacts such as architects and landscapers to make your vision a reality.

You can browse the products in the catalogues provided on the ‘our service’ tab and contact the team to begin the ordering process.

The practicality plus the innovation will enhance almost any public area, so allow your community to reap the benefits of an exciting urban environment and finish off your vision with some of the most modern furniture products the industry has to offer.

If you’re looking for more information or have a query- contact the team today.

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