Steora Smart Bench

Steora Smart Bench

We are thrilled to introduce the revolutionary Steora Smart Bench to the UK.

A solar powered street bench providing USB charging for mobile phones and other devices.  Steora is the future of furniture. With multiple functionalities hidden by a beautiful and timeless design, Steora is the new generation street bench that has attracted attention across Europe and Australia.

SteoraEnergy efficiency and an alluring form makes Steora the smart choice for urban areas. Steora gathers data on usage and climate, powered by renewable energy and backed by advanced controllers connected to a central technical support team. Strong, powder-coated steel is completely weather-resistant and vandal-resistant. The use of cutting-edge technology wrapped up in a sophisticated design makes Steora the world leader.

Developed in 2016 Croatia by Ivan Mrvos, the Steora Smart Bench has already been installed in smart cities, airports and workplaces across the globe.

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Renewable energy

Attractive deep black photovoltaic modules, designed exclusively for Steora, ensure the bench is solar powered even when the seating area is occupied and the PV modules are shaded.

Advanced charging

Many different types of devices can be charged on the Steora, via two USB ports, as well as wireless charging technology. The USB ports are lit by attractive ambient light. Devices can be charged cable-free, by placing them on the acrylic glass cover.

Superfast Wifi hotspots

For a limited time, local authorities across the EU can register for EU funding to build free wireless internet hotspots in public spaces like libraries, city centres, parks, museums and squares. The scheme is designed to benefit residents, the visitor economy and local businesses. Called WiFi4EU, the funding offers €15 000 (over £13 000) towards free WiFi installation costs. WiFi4EU-funded networks will be free of charge, free of advertising and free of personal data harvesting. Registered local authorities will be able to apply for the funding from mid-May 2018.

With Wifi hotpots taking off across the UK, Steora is the number one smart solution for smart cities.

Steora provides superfast internet connection with speeds of up to 433 Mbps*. Internet connection is via SIM card, Ethernet cable, or optical fibre cable.

The Steora technical support system takes care of your security while you shop online, check emails and social media or read the news.

Data gathering

15 sensors inside Steora monitor everything that happens on and around the bench. Every second, data is gathered about air parameters, bench usage and system status, which is then made available to customers via the dashboard. The benches are connected to central Steora technical support, so that any incidents can be reported to the owner immediately.

To find out more about installing Steora in your location, please contact All Urban at or call 0114 282 1283.

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