At All Urban we pride ourselves on sourcing unique and contemporary designs for high end urban furniture and street lighting. We work with carefully-chosen, small, independent designers, manufacturers and craftsmen to source fully functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing products. Our customers include lighting designers, landscape architects and architects in many leading urban developments around the UK.

Wherever you have outdoor seating, you may want to include outdoor tables too. Outdoor tables promote and encourage people to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and urban landscape of your city. They also encourage people to be social and interact with one another as they use the outdoor tables for eating or working from.

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There are a few details to consider when looking at outdoor tables and it isn’t as simple as just putting them anywhere. However, used correctly, outdoor tables can really bring that finishing touch to your contemporary and inclusive urban layout.

Why consider outdoor tables?

You may have already sourced your outdoor seating for your urban environment but have you considered installing outdoor tables too? Think about this; you wouldn’t go to a restaurant and eat off your lap. You wouldn’t go to work and forgo using a desk. If you want to encourage people to use your outdoor leisure space then outdoor tables are a must. Outdoor tables in parks can be used for recreation such as playing cards, dominoes and chess on. Tables in urban spaces are ideal for city workers who want to enjoy the fresh air whilst they grab their lunch. You will encourage more people to use your park or urban space by introducing tables as you are offering them a functional place to use.

Types and styles of outdoor tables

Outdoor tables are available in a range of sizes, styles and finishes to suit any urban environment. Made from steel with a wooden top, outdoor tables are treated with a weather protection finish to ensure that the steel does not rust and the wood does not rot. Outdoor tables are often screwed into the cement flooring using bolts also treated with a weather resistant finish. This means that you can fit outdoor tables to any area of your urban environments such as pavements, parks and grassy areas. You may want to fit your outdoor table under a pergola to offer shade a shaded and airy place to sit and eat or work.

Outdoor table designs such as the NeoRomantico are the perfect height for people who want to be comfortable whilst using your space for work or dining and you can also match the seating to it too. Other outdoor table designs can be slightly lower to promote conversation and informality such as the Tabloo or Bancal Table with matching seating. As outdoor tables are bolted to the flooring, they are perfectly safe as they will not tip over. Due to the weather protection finish they are low maintenance and the only upkeep they will need is perhaps in keeping the colour of the natural wood.

Place litter-bins in the vicinity of your outdoor tables to discourage littering and you will have yourself an attractive and practical leisure space suitable for a range of uses. Make your urban layout and area which people will want to spend time in with practical yet contemporary outdoor tables and seating.

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