Unique Paving

With the fast pace of life, it is often all too easy to miss those little design touches that make up the world that surrounds us; those gems that elevate an environment to the next level, things that we take for granted. Paving is the perfect example of this, the average person rarely takes much notice of the ground beneath their feet, yet paving can offer a designer as many design challenges, if not more when trying to fit in with the everyday urban architecture around us.

Paving can be as unique as the environment it is placed in. Whilst in most cases it must fulfil certain functional requirements, when it comes to design flair, there are plenty of additional features that can be considered. It can be the element that elevates an area from simple to stunning.

Featured Design

Unique paving is more than just the surface underfoot, where appropriate it should be incorporated into a design concept and afforded the status it deserves as an individual component of any contemporary design. It can be the final design element that brings all the individual elements of a design together to create a functional, modern and completely design orientated design for any contemporary outdoor space. Unique paving incorporates paving tiles such as the stunning Urbidermis Santa & Cole Matisse inspired Pictórico pavings, which work in perfect harmony with the series of tree grids we offer in our range.

Bringing an element of art to any area of paving, this style of tile fits perfectly into any urban design as a means of breaking up what can be an otherwise stark and often large expanse of ground. They add a design feature that affords a simple beauty to smaller well-defined areas. Often, they are used to accent a feature of a design or incorporate an element of nature into an overall design, helping to create a bigger picture that has been well thought out. In combination with tree grids they create a design feature that incorporates any tree or shrub within a defined urban space. Benches and bike racks can become more aesthetically pleasing with the addition of an expanse of unique paving, they provide an opportunity for the urban designer to create a cohesive design that is practical and yet pleasing to the eye, making the practical feature into something that is more.

Contemporary designers may find that their designs for smaller urban areas can also benefit from the use of unique paving, used on its own it can create a real statement, especially when used to accentuate a well-defined area within an already existing space. When beacons are required, it can offer a dramatic change to any design that is subtle, yet at the same time bold enough to highlight those all important features.

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