With our passion for innovation and industrial design, All Urban has compiled a collection of well-designed, high end urban furniture and street lighting products that enriches the ways that we interact with our surroundings. We work with distinguished lighting designers, landscape architects and architects to source a range of urban designs furniture and lighting for use in the leading development projects around the UK. All Urban are stockists for Urbidermis Santa & Cole, Concrete Rudolph and Sheffield’s own Handspring Design.

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Our carefully chosen street furniture collection offers a full range of products from the leading European designers and manufacturers. The focus is on innovation, and we only supply products that are created to last. Our catalogue includes benches and tables, lighting, bicycle racks, planters, youth shelters, litter bins and ashtrays, including designs in hard wood timbers, aluminium and steels, cast iron and concrete. Customisation and bespoke options are possible, so please get in touch to find out more.

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All our urban furniture is designed to enhance the user’s experiences of public, urban and private outdoor spaces. Many of our products are multifunctional, such as our beacon lights (or bollard lights), which are short vertical lights that are designed to illuminate pathways and mark boundaries or access points. They produce obliquely slanted light to avoid light pollution and reduce energy wastage. To make a lasting impact, we supply Urbidermis Santa & Cole’s range of innovative street lighting, which includes wall lamps, flood lighting, and illuminated pergolas, all with attention to detail, durability and efficiency.

Our benches, outdoor tables and bike racks all combine aesthetic value with amenity. Designed to fit into any urban landscape, our benches and tables include everything from more traditional designs through to cutting edge, ultra-modern pieces. Whether your preferred style is made from wood, metal, stone or concrete, all our designs are constructed with minimal environmental impact. Our unique cycle stands and bicycle racks are able to fulfil their practical purpose at the same time as incorporating fun and imaginative features into your urban environment. All Urban supplies both larger and more compact bike stands in many different materials and finishes.

Attention to detail can also be demonstrated through smaller items of street furniture such as litter bins and fountains. Our drinking fountains are made from anti-rust, durable metals and can be fitted with an anti-freeze valve. Urbidermis Santa & Cole have combined classic design principles with a visual appearance that will coordinate with modern urban settings. Our modern litter bins are constructed from a wide range of materials to suit many different environments and surfaces.

In terms of larger structures, we are proud to supply the elegant Vía Láctea pergola from Urbidermis Santa & Cole. This is a functional modular design: its wooden-slat cover creates a pleasant shaded area during the day and at night the space is lit by a line of light along one end. Our youth shelters from Handspring Design are lovingly handcrafted and very versatile wood-and-steel structures. They can be customised for your project and are designed to withstand vandalism. To complement your other design features, we stock urban planters of all shapes and sizes from Concrete Rudolph and Santa and Cole. Whichever design you choose, all these models all are built to last in all types of urban planting settings.

All Urban stocks inspiring tree grids and paving stones inspired by Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky. Last but not least, our range also includes beautifully designed urban limits, handrails and multifunctional boundary markers from Urbidermis Santa & Cole.

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neoromantico-color-2-sl4Whether you are looking for a range of backless benches or a single bike rack, our experience with leading street furniture designers means that we understand the needs of urban visionaries. We will be pleased to offer advice on the possibilities rather than just aiming to make a quick sale. From our base in Sheffield, we work with projects big and small, and will be pleased to provide all available product information to help you choose.
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