We are delighted to introduce Catalonian manufacturer Urbidermis Santa & Cole.

Urbidermis Santa & Cole logoWe are the exclusive UK supplier for Urbidermis Santa & Cole, who are award-winning suppliers of street furniture and urban lighting. The new ‘Urbidermis’ branding, today represents the formerly known, ‘Santa & Cole Urban collection’ which has been delivering extraordinary outdoor furnishings for the last 30 years. In that time, they have built a strong reputation across Europe for delivering high quality products of exceptional design.

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Urbidermis Santa & Cole - urban lighting

Urban Lighting

Urbidermis Santa & Cole - urban furniture

Urban Furniture

Superior urban products

They create urban elements which provide a better user-friendly experience, enhancing citizen experience with ergonomic-led design and good taste. Their designs are concerned with improving ease of long-term maintenance and minimising upkeep. The high-quality product portfolio holds functional, long-lasting elements which can be trusted to stand the test of time. Their aesthetic appeal evokes emotion, which in turn encourages harmony within developments in urban space.

They are ‘Editors’

As appropriators, editing design has been their lifeblood, with their team paying tribute to the industry’s best creative talent. Since 1985, they have worked alongside industry-leading designers, to select, venture and champion world-class products, protecting their authorship by defending registered intellectual property when copied.

A distinctive design ethos

The Urbidermis design ethos has always been underpinned with an ambition to promote co-existence. They specialise in creating beautiful products which humanise cities, endowing them with distinctive identities, whilst instilling a sense of belonging within the landscape and community. They are committed to helping landscape architects, urban planners and lighting designers create more sociable, more connected and more sustainable cities.

The Urbidermis Mission

Their mission is to help architects, landscapers, lighting designers, urban planners and public administrators to enhance urban spaces.
They know that every assignment is a unique undertaking. Their design and production teams work with project managers to reap the best results. They offer backing and customisable solutions that incorporate sustainability criteria and both aesthetical and functional high quality design in order to meet the most specific needs. They are highly experienced and enjoy what they do.

About Urbidermis

Founded over 30 years ago, Urbidermis are an ‘editing’ company of urban furniture and lighting, housed in their iconic head office in the Parc de Belloch, (Barcelona, Spain). In 1992, Urbidermis worked with key stakeholders of the Olympic Games to revamp the city’s urban landscape and transform it into a world-wide benchmark of urban design. They now use the expertise gained, to improve public and private outdoor spaces through-out the world.

Parc de Belloch – The Knowledge Park

Spanning more than 140 hectares, their head office, ‘Parc de Belloch’ is located in La Roca, 18 miles north of Barcelona. The acquisition of estate in 2003 prompted their parent company ‘Intramundrana’ to start it tree nursery, whose research activities investigate urban deforestation and now runs under the name of ‘Belloch Forestal’. Its main purpose is to improve the environmental quality of metropolis’ revitalise the fields around the offices and teach Urbidermis how to design with nature in mind. That is how they sow the seed of responsibility for the future. They believe in the enormous value that nature can bring to social spaces, where trees, shrubs, plants and agricultural crops may once again take a prominent spot within human society.


Pyme Innovadora 2015
ICFF Editors award
DME award 2007
Prince Felipe Award 2006-07
National Design Award 1999

Certificates and accreditations

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UK Case Studies

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