Urban Lighting and Wall Lights Designs for Outdoor Use

Lighting is an essential element in the design of any urban environment. In the 24/7 society of today, people are on the go at all hours of the day and the modern urban environment needs to reflect that. Urban areas must move with the times, and such, the way the streets are lit must move along with them too.

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While traditional streets lamps are an excellent means of illuminating large areas, more and more urban environments are including smaller walkways and paths which also need to be lit. In an age where we are more than ever aware of the impact we have on our environment, light pollution in built up areas can be a big problem for wildlife. With more and more people out after dark, an ever increasing urban area to navigate and our environmental input to consider; now is the time for a more modern approach to urban lighting.

A more modern approach

Wall lamps are the ideal solution when looking to modernise the way urban areas are lit at night. Rather than the standard, one-dimensional lighting provided by traditional street lights, wall lamps offer a much more modern aesthetic. Wall lamps offer an alternative lighting solution which can be tailored to suit any urban environment. Whether you need to light up a pathway or illuminate an entranceway; wall lighting offers safety and attractive design for the modern designer.

Wall lamps can be fit into virtually any wall and help to illuminate pathways and paved areas to ensure that they are safe to use. As the light is cast downwards from a relatively low level the full pathway can be illuminated without the light being dispersed into the surrounding area. Not only does this reduce the light pollution created, it also enhances the look and feel of the area; giving it a serene and peaceful feel. The Macaya wall lamp is a perfect example of how wall lamps can be used to modernise any urban area. With two cover designs, street or translucent, the Macaya wall lamp can be used to brightly light pathways and walkways or as a beacon with a softer light to guide.

As wall lamps are recessed into the wall they blend in almost seamlessly into their environment. With no bulky fittings or fixtures to contend with, wall lamps can be introduced into any urban area for an instant modernised appearance. The steel fittings of the Macaya look at home in any light surface, such as concrete, while the tarnished finish of the Rodes recessed wall light lends itself more to natural rock and stone walls. Both models have also been treated to ensure that they withstand the elements to ensure the high quality of the finish will stand the test of time. For a more predominant appearance, the Skyline model offers a range of colour options for the front panel, ideal for entranceways to make a real statement.

Wall lamps are an entirely modern lighting solution which will keep any urban environment well light and well styled throughout the night. Unobtrusive and classy, wall lights maintain their practicality while creating a modern and futuristic image.


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