MoveART in pictures – beautiful, interactive and playful furniture for the public realm

By Jennifer Acton                         20th May 2022

MoveART in pictures – beautiful, interactive and playful furniture for the public realm

By Jennifer Acton

20th May 2022

MoveART is a brand we are proud to have in our portfolio. Founded by Norbert Roztocki in 2015, the Swiss-based company designs play sculptures that encourage and facilitate everyone, while also creating stunning pieces of functional art. Moveart are pioneers for these interactive multi-use pieces of art which encourage fun and exploration for all ages. In keeping with their tagline, ‘Awaken the personality of your space’, each form has been uniquely developed. They cater for all generations within the family unit, creating enjoyment for everyone, for example, ‘sitting’ ‘climbing’ or ‘hiding’ or even ‘working’

Since joining the All Urban designer brand portfolio, MoveART’s line of innovative and bespoke play sculptures has grown and grown. Made from 100% ecological and sustainable Accoya wood, which comes with Cradle to Cradle Gold certification, MoveART sculptures are particularly robust, low maintenance and are designed to be very vandalism-proof.

Why choose MoveART? It’s simple really, we want to improve the quality of life for people in public spaces.

  • Moveart Image Arosa Welle Bespoke
  • Moveart Image Climbslide 7.9
  • Moveart Image The Circle
  • Moveart Image Climbslide 8.0
  • Moveart Image The Circle Two
  • Moveart Image Twist Bench
  • Moveart Image The Eye
  • Moveart Image Arosa Welle Simple Bench
  • Moveart Image Family Bench Two
  • Moveart Image Climbslide 8.8
  • Moveart Image Family Bench
  • Moveart Image Arosa Welle Bespoke Two
  • Moveart Image Pilatus Dragon

As you can see from the images, MoveART is ideal for city streets, plazas and squares, public parks and gardens, river and canal sides, patios, terraces, rooftops, courtyards and much more. It really is the future of outdoor play, relaxation and art.

We welcome further conversations about these products and how we can help you create a beautiful space with a long life and low maintenance. Please contact us to find out more.