Outdoor Furniture Product Range

Product overview

All urban distributes products from three innovative and creative companies and brands that specialize in the urban furniture and lighting industry. These are Santa&Cole, Concrete Urban Design and Handspring Design. These brands also have experience with landscape designers and architects to provide some of the most creative yet necessary street furniture for public and commercial urban areas.

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The diverse range of products and street furniture that Allurban can offer means that whatever your space or project, you will be sure to find a piece that suits your vision. This is teamed with the fact that the products all feature a modern sleek design that can easily blend into almost any landscape, whilst still incorporating a stylish and unique feel. All urban can provide advice and information to guide you through product catalogues and project designs in order for you to get the best experience and outcome.

Who should buy:

These individual pieces can be purchased by a variety of people including business owners, who will benefit from commercial street furniture within their outside areas such as car parks or patio spaces. These are perfect areas for stylish products such as litter bins, street lamps or wall lamps and tables that will act as a feature or vocal modern pieces as well as provide use or necessity.

Other buyers such as local councils can also easily find specified and innovative public outdoor furniture or lighting to revitalize public areas such as parks, hospitals and bus stations. This may also include products such as bollards, youth shelters or pergola’s that will again provide a use as well as looking sleek and contemporary within the urban area.

Take a look at the ‘projects’ tab to view some of Allurban’s previous projects that use a range of products and lighting – including well-known area’s such as city tower London, Victoria square London and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London.


The bespoke products lighting and street furnishings offered by Allurban are all highly durable and weather resistant. The designers and creators of each range of product are industry specialists with great experience and knowledge within the urban furniture industry. This means the UK street furniture and urban products such as Benches, bicycle racks and drinking fountains are weather resistant, ensuring the products are long-lasting and durable. A large number of the wooden pieces from Santa&Cole, such as benches and chairs are protected using a one-coat oil which acts as a barrier between wind and rain. Whereas larger more architectural pieces from handspring designs use a system of galvanized sheet steel and cladding to ensure weather resistance.

Other urban street products offered by ‘concrete urban design’ which are made from concrete, involve pieces which are made from glass fibre concrete that provides a solid and sturdy product that can withstand large and frequent amounts of use. If you would like to view the way in which each individual item ensures a high level of durability and weather resistance, don’t hesitate to select the products tab to show specific product details about each street furniture piece.


The modification of some products is possible in order to suit your vision or to combat your urban layout limits. All urban offers outdoor furniture from companies that can make changes to some products to cater for the needs of the environment. This can include the removal of arm rests in some benches in order to create a ‘single’ long flowing bench along an area such as unique paving or park, it may also be the removal of back rests to give a different style of bench that may be more fitting within the area. To gain details surrounding this or a product you desire more information on – use the ‘request information’ tab included next to each product, where you can send your own message to the Allurban team who will efficiently reply with advice and information.

Does this affect the environment?

The innovative street furniture which Allurban offers through the company’s Santa&Cole, Concrete urban design and handspring design are maintained ethically and sustainably with each company having their own principles which ensure that the materials are sourced and designed with the environment in mind. Handspring designs primarily use renewable materials and UK sourced oak, whilst Santa&Cole features a forestry division which aims to boost environmental qualities.

All urban can ensure that these materials are ethically sourced and majorly renewable and long lasting, keeping the environment in mind and giving environmental furniture to the best of their ability.

Why choose Allurban?

By choosing Allurban to guide and work alongside you when creating and designing your urban space or project, you are building a strong and reliable relationship that will help to ensure the success of your vision. The Allurban team has numerous industry links and contacts that provide an array of knowledge and strive towards perfection and attention to detail.

If you have an interest in the products we offer at Allurban, we can work alongside you to help you create the perfect urban space. The team has years of industry knowledge and experience that will guide you through the whole process. Each product can be found within the catalogues that are within the ‘our services’ tab, where you can gain every detail of the product. In order to enquire go to the contact us tab and send a short message that our responsive team will get back to you on and take the next step in purchasing your required products.

The responsive and friendly team can also be contacted by Tel: 0114 282 1283 or by email : info@allurban.co.uk. So don’t hesitate to begin your journey into designing your vision using Allurban’s urban street furniture and lighting products.