What is an alternative to disposable BBQs?

British summertime can be hit and miss when it comes to the weather. However we seemed to be in luck last year as we saw temperatures rise to an all-time record level of 40.3c. The BBQs came out and the beaches were busy as of course, us brits love nothing better than a BBQ on the beach. What is not to like? gathering with friends and family, sea view, food, drink and music.

Image source: Flickr

But one question that may be on your mind is “are the days of disposable BBQs on the beach coming to an end?” Single use BBQ’s on the beach do have their pros, such as being lightweight and easy to use but they also come with cons (and they’re pretty major). They create a lot of litter every year and it’s also essentially a small fire on the beach so that in itself is dangerous. There have also been many reports of people misusing them and not disposing of them safely, which has led to some councils banning them altogether or creating stringent guidelines. The biggest risk has been people burying them in the sand or pebbles after use, essentially hiding them, which then creates a hot surface that people accidentally walk on, leading to (potentially very serious) burns.

Taking all this into consideration, Councils are starting to crank down and In July 2022 we saw Brighton and Hove ban the use of all single use BBQs on their beaches and public spaces. This is becoming the case in so many seaside beaches across the UK so will this become the norm?

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council encountered all the issues with the single-use BBQs so decided to do something about it. Instead of just outright banning them, they provided an alternative solution. We recently completed a project with them where they introduced our Christie electric BBQs along their seafront. They stated:

“The new electric BBQs help reduce the need to use disposable BBQs. These are often left as litter, impact the environment and pose a risk when left under the surface of the sand. Disposable BBQs can only be used on our beaches between 6pm to 10.30pm.”

See more in our case study here.

So are public BBQs the future? They promote community engagement as well as also being an environmentally sustainable solution as they reduce pollution and waste from disposable ones as well as reducing the risk of personal injury from open flames and hot coals. We are so passionate about the outdoors and we would love to discuss any projects you may have.

We would love to be part of your seafront project or talk through any ideas you may have to make them better spaces. Please get in touch with us. Email: Info@allurban.co.uk or call us on 0114 282 1283.