Concrete Urban Design

Stone seating

Playful Concrete Seating Elements.

Designer: Eva Rudolph, 2007

Inspired by nature, the Stone seating is typical of Concrete Rudolph’s style – manufacturing majestic inspiring pieces that are built to last. Taking on the familiar shape of the pebble the seating invites users to sit down, relax and enjoy quality-time and their surroundings. Available in three sizes, these super smooth objects add style and character to high quality spaces.

Add one or a collection of stones to landscape designs they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They would sit perfectly in city plazas and squares, public parks and gardens, waterfronts, patios, terraces, rooftops, or any communal and public spaces looking to enliven their landscape with something different.

Concrete Rudolph specialise in manufacturing the highest quality concrete which result in super smooth surfaces. Users are invited to explore the seating via tactile play as well as enjoy the visual spectacle of the illusion of nature enlarged in urban space.

The Concrete Rudolph® Stone belongs to the Urban Design® family.

Stone 01 Product dimensions:

Height:  84 cm
Width: 142 cm

Length: 240 cm
Wall thickness: 30 mm

Mass: 640kg


Stone 02 Product dimensions:

Height:  64 cm
Width: 160 cm

Length: 162 cm
Wall thickness: 30 mm

Mass: 350kg


Stone 03 Product dimensions:

Height:  74 cm
Width: 210 cm

Length: 210 cm
Wall thickness: 30 mm

Mass: 500kg

Possible Adaptions:

Surfaces & Colours

Natural look – in natural concrete grey. Colourless sealed, with a smooth, fine surface.

Natural coloured looks – with matrix dyed concrete in either dark grey, cream or anthracite. Colourless sealed, with a smooth, fine surface.

Smooth colour cover – colour coated to RAL tone with a smooth, fine surface.

Velvet cover – a velvet pearly surface, coated on top of RAL coating.

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